Thursday, 17 January 2013

12 Reasons to Play in Hampstead

We have decided to make Hampstead Congress a monthly event for 2013!  

Here are 12 reasons why you should play:

1. Five FIDE (internationally) rated games of chess right in the heart of Hampstead Village / 2. Low cost entry fees in a tournament for players under 2200 / 3. Guaranteed prizes and rating prizes / 4. Raise money for Age Concern Camden / 5. Limited to 60 players / 6. All the games online at Chess Microbase – see below / 7. Easy to get to by public transport, right next to Hampstead Underground (Northern Line) / 8. Car parking possible nearby (paid on Saturday, free on Sunday) / 9. No accommodation required (though plenty available at reasonable cost if needed) / 10. Reasonable round times to enable you to play three games on Saturday without getting home at midnight! (Sat: 10.30am start, latest finishing time 8.30pm, Sun: 11am to 5.30pm maximum) / 11. Food and drink throughout by yElena and Norman Went / 12. Come and play! We provide everything you need… join us!

Click Here for the website of the Hampstead U2200 Congress series

Saturday, 25 June 2011

Our new website

The league has a new website for this season:

Tuesday, 24 May 2011

League details for 2011

From Shaun Tracey:

Dear all,

I am pleased to say that there has been a positive response and therefore the City of London Summer Rapidplay League will run again this year. Full details of the rules and format are below.

I am also pleased to confirm that although Dulwich will not be particpating this year, Mushrooms will be entering a second team so we will have a full compliment of 12.

Clubs will play all but one of their matches on the same evening (Wednesdays) at the same time (7.15pm), at the same venue (Golden Lane). The first match for each club is on Wednesday 8th June, and thereafter there will be weekly matches on Wednesdays until mid-August.

The exception is that there is no match on Wednesday July 6th, which is the date of the London League AGM. Instead that match will be on Tuesday 5th July.

View Fixture List

Please note that I (Shaun) will be abroad between 23 May and 6 June. Any queries, please email though I will have only intermittent access.

I will circulate a fixture list when I return from holiday, but meanwhile I confirm that the first week's fixtures on Wednesday 8th June are:

Albany v Athenaeum
Battersea v Cavendish
Drunken Knights v Hackney
Hendon v Metropolitan
Mushrooms 1 v Mushrooms 2
Kings Head 1 v Kings Head 2

Match sheets
Please use the following sheet to record match results. In particular, all games need to be scored individually, and there is also a section to indicate colours.
View match result sheet

Fielding ungraded players - Reminder
Ungraded players need to be approved in advance by Shaun Tracey. Please note that we can call upon any provisional grading material held by, for instance, Brian Smith (i.e. not simply the July 2011 lists when they come out).

£40 per team. Please make cheques payable to 'Shaun Tracey', as Shaun will then pay Golden Lane and the ECF grading fees.

Sponsorship & assistance
I would also like to thank our kind sponsors, yElena and Norman Went, who run Spectrum Chess ( and the Docklands Rapidplay Tournament ( The next Docklands tournament is on Saturday 28 May 2011.

Thank you to Brian Smith and the London League for continued use of their sets and clocks.


The rules for the league are set out below. These are largely the same as last year, save that:
(i) captains will be entitled to arrange their players in order of strength rather than strict rating order (provided that the divergence is no more than 15 points)

(ii) the quid pro quo is that the rating bands will be strictly enforced; ineligible players will be defaulted unless a variation to the bands is agreed between the team captains in advance.

It is the captain's (or acting captain's) responsibility to know the grades of their players, to be familiar with the grading bands and order of precedence between standard and RP grades, and to seek advance approval of any ungraded players who will then be allocated an estimated grade.

- 4-board teams.

- each player plays two 30-minute games against the same opponent, one with black and one with white.

- clocks will be started at 7.15pm (if at least 1 of the 2 players of a game is present) and 8.30pm.

- if neither player is present at the start of a game, white's clock should not be started. Rather, the lost time should be divided equally between the players as soon as one of them arrives. From that point on, the clocks should be started in the usual way.

- each match will be scored according to the total game scores i.e. there will be 8 games. So 1 point for each game won, half a point for a draw, in the usual way.

- each team may use any number of players throughout the league. However, players may only play for one team. Any games a player plays for other teams apart from the first team they play for will be regarded as unnotified defaults.

- any club which enters two teams is not required to 'seed' their teams, since both of their teams will simply need to comply with the grading bands.

board 1 - Open
board 2 - U180
board 3 - U165
board 4 - U150

- if the grading bands present a real problem for a club to field a team, captains may agree to adjust the bands for both teams for that particular match. That way, both sides will be able to field stronger (or weaker) teams if required. This should be done at least 72 hours in advance of the match.

- a player's grade for the purposes of playing in this league will be determined as followed, in order of precedence:

ECF rapidplay grade (January 2011 list)
ECF rapidplay grade (July 2010 list)
ECF standard grade (July 2010 list)
FIDE rating (using the conversion: Grade = [FIDE rating - 650] / 8)
National Elo rating (using the conversion: Grade = [National Elo rating - 600] / 8)
Provisional ECF rapidplay grade (July 2011 list)
Provisional ECF standard grade (July 2011 list)
Estimated grade as submitted by the team captain in advance

- the name of any ungraded player and an estimated grade for them should be submitted to Shaun Tracey at least 48 hours in advance of the first time they are fielded. The estimation of the grade should be supported by details of the player's most recent rapidplay and slowplay results, up to a total of 30 games. They will then be approved to play on in the appropriate grading bands.

- if a player plays on a board for which they are not eligible due to the player's grade being too high for the grading band, that game will be regarded as an unnotified default.

- players should be fielded in grade order plus or minus 15 points: the highest graded on board 1, down to the lowest graded on board 4.

- we aim to have the results graded in time for the January 2012 list.

- defaults should be notified to the opposing captain at least a day in advance.

- where a default is notified, the opposing team will score 2 points (i.e. 1 point for each game that would have been played) and the defaulting team will score no points for that player.

- where a default occurs without having been notified by the previous day, the defaulting team will also suffer a 1 point penalty in addition to the position outlined above.

- when a player defaults in the first round, the opponent can claim a win in the second round also unless the opponent or an eligible substitute is present at the start of the second game.


- as organisers, Joe Farrell and Shaun Tracey may use their discretion in settling any disputes. They may also consult strong players and/or experieced officials as they see fit.

- for the avoidance of doubt, Joe will not take any decisions concerning Metropolitan, and Shaun will not take any decisions concerning Hackney.

- an illegal move will, if claimed immediately, entitle the 'innocent party' to two minutes on their clock. The position should be returned to its pre-illegal move state. If the illegal move has not been claimed immediately, players should consult the organisers or an arbiter, who will exercise their discretion as to whether the position should be returned and/or whether any time should be added.